model rendering

Product imaging/3D modelling/Animation


Open source software is changing how companies think about file usage. Since they can download it for free, it means they can ask for and use source files on their own. More and more companies are using opensource software as part of their media dept tools. This means they need to know how to use those files. It carries a bigger burden on the art dept.

In the last 18 years running a business I have noticed what businesses need is help in learning how to do the things they want/need done efficiently and quickly without spending years learning specialized software. Companies would prefer not to hire out work but prefer to do things in house.

Companies may not have the time to know what takes years to learn. They want to know what they specifically need. We aim them in the right direction so they don’t have to watch hours and hours of youtube tutorials.

Hiring out these tasks is a solution but it means a company faces an added continuing cost. Many times it’s not needed if it is a repeated process such as updating a label or changing a color to an existing product or adding a new but similar model to an existing lighting rig.

We offer the latest in 3D digital visualization technology to create a set of products that helps clarify ideas. We offer a level of education and information on how to use the files efficiently.

We create the needed models, materials, lighting and create the renders/animations. We set up what is needed in file templates for future modifications and additions. We will teach all that is needed to use the files after we are gone. A one time setup and education event, with future opportunities for education and help.

Whatever your needs, Suburban Artworks is here to help.